My view of Summer Streets from Cafe Select

My view of Summer Streets from Cafe Select

Last year I spent most of my summer in Mexico; before that I was in Venice, and this year I’ve just returned home from Indonesia.  Yet every August for the past few years, I somehow find myself wandering down Park Avenue during the last hour on the last day of Summer Streets, which is a part of NYC’s greening initiative.  The Department of Transportation temporarily closes Park Avenue to motor vehicles (from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park) and opens it up for people to walk, ride bicycles and play.

Earlier today, amidst my research on personal massagers *wink wink* and condoms that are available on all seven continents, I once again found myself on Park Avenue in the very early afternoon.

I love New York. I am someone who sometimes has difficulty wrapping my head around the concept of commitment, but I know that I chose the right place to settle down and buy an apartment – because when I have been traveling for about a week, I always miss New York.  And whenever I come home, I am so wholeheartedly happy to be here.

I know that I’ve been offline for a few days while settling back in, but please do stay tuned for more posts from my home base… xojl