My good friend Rebecca

Rebecca, the lovely lady in white

Pat Kiernan on NY1 told us that this was the longest summer we could have possibly had.  Apparently, Memorial Day was as early as it could have been and we are also celebrating the latest Labor Day possible… and yet somehow it feels like the shortest summer in recent memory.

I mentioned this to Rebecca, while complaining that there were so many white dresses that I had not yet had the opportunity to wear this year.  She agreed with me completely, and we decided to have a night out to wear those dresses before it could be deemed New York glitterati gauche…

... in other words, before Labor Day ;-)

... in other words, before Labor Day 😉

On Wednesday evening, we had a wonderful dinner at The Odeon with Ryan Michael Shaw, followed by sangria at The Soho Grand and dancing at Citrine in celebration of Louis Coraggio’s birthday.

The weather has made it evident that this summer is coming to a close – so wear your whites now, my friends, and wear them with conviction!

Eliza Doolittle at the races

Eliza Doolittle at the races

Joy Lynn & Rebecca at the Soho Grand

Joy Lynn & Rebecca at the Soho Grand

I am celebrating Labor Day while working with the TCP team in Québec.  Stay tuned for updates on my long weekend of developing the latest animation on How to Use a Female Condom

Much love from Montréal,
Joy Lynn