In the spirit of partnership, support and solidarity, I find myself on a hectic stay-cation in NYC due to a last-minute change of plans.  During the last 48 hours and without my usual schedule to contend with, I have decided to address my absence here on the blog… So what, you may ask, creates a Circa Joy Lynn BackBlog?

1.  CONDOMIZE-ing Online

In November of last year, I began to grow the online social community for The CONDOMIZE Campaign.  I have been generating content for the CONDOMIZE Twitter (follow us here), the CONDOMIZE Facebook (Like us here) as well as posting three times a week to the CONDOMIZE blog (go to, then click “blog”).  While I have managed to keep up with the Circa Joy Lynn community on Twitter (follow me here!) and on my Facebook page (Like me here!), I know that I have fallen behind here on WordPress.  Today’s post is an attempt to create new habits and get back on the blogging horse, if you will.

2.  Animation & Video Post Production

Filming & editing my workshop on condoms & lubricants in ASL

Filming & editing my workshop on condoms & lubricants in American Sign Language

Since last fall, my team and I have been working diligently on our educational videos and 3D animations about male condoms, female condoms and lubricants in seven languages.  While I have adored this process, the post production has been… extensive, to say the least.  And until these videos and animations launch on UNFPA’s All About Condoms Website, I would rather not share them here 😉  You have already seen pictures from our animation voiceover recordings posted here, so stay tuned in the coming days for behind-the-scenes photos of our American Sign Language shoots last December.  I am so very proud to be able to offer this education to the deaf community, and I hope you enjoy the pics!

3.  Personal Stuff

Dad taking a photo of Mom during the Easter Parade

Dad taking a photo of Mom during the Easter Parade

A blind foster cat and multiple foster rabbits, visiting family, the abandonment of bad habits, the forging of new relationships and the solidifying of lasting friendships, a new office space, a little less pole and a lot more Bikram, thorough emotional processing, regular housekeeping… and we’re only 1/2 way through 2011.

Me in SoHo Snowmageddon, circa 2010

Me in SoHo Snowmageddon, circa 2010

So stay tuned for some serious Circa Joy Lynn BackBlogging this week!  Thank you, as always, for reading…

With love & gratitude,
Joy Lynn


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