Joy Lynn Alegarbes: proper noun

Joy Lynn Alegarbes: proper noun

Joy Lynn [ joi lin’ ] n.
is a community-based artist and sexual health advocate. She has appeared on television educating viewers throughout North America, Africa and Asia and has contributed to articles on sexuality in numerous publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Joy Lynn is the Director of Global Operations for The Condom Project (TCP) and develops programming in the ten countries served by TCP. She has worked successfully to build the video program, 30 Seconds: A Visual Voice in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and Thailand. She develops and facilitates culturally specific safer sex workshops world-wide and has helped to pilot condom availability and distribution programs in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and India. Her newest project is a TCP Condom Zone, which was featured prominently in Dakar, Senegal in December 2008 and was installed in Bali, Indonesia in the summer of 2009.

Joy Lynn in Senegal, circa winter 2008

In Senegal, circa winter 2008

In addition to her work with The Condom Project, Joy Lynn is the Master Trainer for the United Nations Population Fund’s CONDOMIZE Campaign, focusing primarily on condom destigmatization, promotion with select target groups and the use of condoms beyond prevention.  Launched last summer with events and installations throughout Vienna, Austria, CONDOMIZE activities will continue to destigmatize the use of condoms and to give people around the world access to quality condoms, when they need them and where they feel most comfortable.  A member of UNFPA’s Comprehensive Condom Programming Inter Agency Task Team, Joy Lynn’s safer sex workshops are currently available in 7 languages.

Joy Lynn is also a proud member of the Trojan Sexual Health Advisory Council, helping to advise the Trojan brand team and participating in public-facing, Trojan-sponsored activities designed to educate, entertain and engage young people about their sexual health.

TORCH Music Fest auditions, circa spring 2008

TORCH Music Fest auditions, circa spring 2008

A resident of New York City’s East Village, Joy Lynn is the Primary Artistic Consultant for The TORCH Program, helping to facilitate projects in journalism, documentary filmmaking, trendspotting and music performance for underserved New York City high school students. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation, working with HIV-positive teenagers in the New York City area.

Joy Lynn's mugshot, circa The Trial of K

Mugshot, circa The Trial of K

Joy Lynn has developed original performance pieces with the International Rescue Committee, explored the correlation between advertising and addiction in American society with InnerView Theatre Productions and has performed in both North America and Europe with Synaesthetic Theater Company. She has also coordinated the promotion of the Gay Experience and Coming Of Age films for Picture This! Entertainment‘s public relations in New York, an independent film company who prides itself in distributing uncompromising and enlightening international motion picture fare to audiences world wide.

Eating is Joy Lynn’s favorite pass time. She is also a lover of wine and looks forward to having a wine rack built underneath the stairs in her apartment. When not at brunch Joy Lynn has been spotted walking her pet lop rabbit, Sir Tenderloin, on a leash through Greenwich Village. She can also be found people-watching from her livingroom window with her 3-legged cat, Easel James.